Team building in Tuscany

Team building in Tuscany

The Demidoff, a meeting hotel in Florence, widens its offer in the business and job fields as a reference for team building courses in the wonderful Tuscany. Born in the USA and especially used with children, this particular discipline has been applied by Human Resources managers to reach the best team performances. This comfortable hotel, at a short distance from the Mugello track aims to become a diamond point in this growing field.

Team building in Tuscany in the Mugello area

The Demidoff Country Resort in Tuscany can easily host team building experiences thanks to its top quality facilities, services and the wide space surrounding the hotel. Ideal elements for a Quad-, bike- or horseriding, mixing together recreational, sports, theatrical and musical activities. The breathtaking beauty beyond the colors of the sunset sketches a regenerative picture for all the staff.

Having the hedge the hotel near the Mugello racetrack

Team building in Tuscany is an extra weapon for all those companies needing help to sort out problems of people coming together or for stress related moments. Our hotel for meeting in Florence wishes to create for its customers the perfect product to transform a group of collaborators into a solid, strong, concrete and motivated equipe.