Villa Demidoff

Villa Demidoff, naturalistic oasis to admire while being accomodated in a hotel in Pratolino

Villa Demidoff is the modern name of a Medici’s ancient villa in Vaglia, in the province of Florence. Built in 1568 by Buontalenti on Francesco I of the Medici commission, it was named after the very rich Russian family that bought it in the last century after its destruction.
At just 10 minute-drive from our Demidoff Country Resort, it deserves a visit to its gardens, in a pure English style as the Lorena wanted it to be that keeps many fascinating works.

Enjoy the luxury of spending a day at the Villa Demidoff, while being accommodated in a magnificent hotel in Pratolino

Centuries-old wood, oaks, citron trees and  horse chestnuts are the scenography of all the statues of the park. Among them the mithological figure of the Appenine Colossus; Jupiter and Mugnone fountains, with a statue by the Giambologna; the two ancients sponges; the hexagonal chapel; the Peschiera della Maschera, once used as a pool; the Pheasantry; the large Aviary; Cupid’s cave; the Neoclassical Casino of  Montili realized by the architect Luigi de Cambray-Digny.
Open from April to September (10:00-17:00 on Fridays), 10-19 on Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays (April, May and October) and 10-20 (June, July, August and September).